Synergies BS10 – Robot (Fuzes)


For a manufacturer of adhesive tapes LANCIA S.R.L. has created a sophisticated and innovative system, complete with a palletizer at the end of the line. Three conveyor belts transport the empty boxes to an island with an anthropomorphic robot that picks the rolls of adhesive tape from specific carriages and places them in the box (held in place by a mechanical funnel). The line continues towards a robotized labeling station: in the first step, a compact anthropomorphic robot applies a label to the bottom of the tube of each roll and closes the flaps of the box, which is then sealed with adhesive tape and labeled by a classic labeler. Finally, the roll is transferred to a manual palletizer made up of a gate structure with automatic divider, managed by the same suction grip, optimizing the machine’s functionality and speeding operations. Compact dimensions, no format adjustment time and high productivity (15 boxes/min) are the strengths of this line, which takes advantages of the synergistic integration of a conventional system with cartesian axes and six-axis systems.