LANCIA S.R.L. installations are used thanks to a long and tested experience in the construction of complete packaging lines, is able to supply palletization systems, case packers, case erectors and shrink wrappers. LANCIA S.R.L. installations are used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and adhesive tape sectors, they can be provide of accessories such as weight-check, artificial vision systems, empty pallet storage, handle orientation of bins, label application and booklet feeders. Lancia solutions are distinguished by their quality and reliability, which also make possible the three years warranty.
Other advantages are low cost, high productivity, cycle execution speed, flexibility of use (these are made possible thanks to functions dedicated to various product types), small size and easy installation.


Established in 1990 LANCIA S.R.L. has acquired notable experience and skill over the years, becoming a company specialized in designing and creating packaging systems. Its background has made it possible for the company to install its systems in prestigious national and international companies.

From its very beginnings, LANCIA S.R.L. has invested substantial resources in research, thanks to this it has always created original and highly innovative solutions for industrial automation, especially for end of line Packaging systems. It has been particularly involved in studies of components, handling technology and safety which have allowed it to increase the know-how of its engineering and technical staff.

From 1990 to 1997 the company focused its effort in meeting various production requirements: reduced dimensions, elevated production cycles, machine flexibility, safety, minimized maintenance, precision and compete in the national and international market.

From 1997 to 2002 LANCIA S.R.L. continued to invest in technology and even more importantly marketing and image, acquiring a prestigious standing, matched by loyalty of its important clientele.

At present LANCIA S.R.L. is able to offer its services to a vast range of industries (food, pharmaceutical, ceramics and metal manufacturing) as a supplier and technological partner for complete end of line palletizing systems. The customer is the company’s number one priority, a company which is composed of a motivated team of professionals, able to effectively and innovatively interpret and satisfy new requirements, following up with the customer even after the system is delivered.