Small Palletizer

Palettizzatore mini

LANCIA S.R.L. has created for an important company in the adhesive tape industry, a palletizer for the end of the line. The palletizer is automatic and is composed by a portal structure and roller conveyor, to bring the product into the palletizing area. Once the pallet is complete, it is carried away manually by the operator. The machine is characterized by extremely reduced dimensions such as to confer on the monobloc structure, useful for a displacement of the same in such a way facilitated by forklift. Then, if necessary this machine can be moved from its place and be operated immediately, as only requires a power supply and a connection for the compressed air. Thanks to the working speed and the size adjustment times absent is possible to achieve high productivity equal to 18 pieces / minute.

LANCIA S.R.L. has also focused its attention on the flexibility of the gripper which adapts to various types of product, in this particular case it is an expansion gripper for the gripping of big rolls of adhesive tape. Changing tools is designed to be very fast.