Pick 2 axes and quality


LANCIA S.R.L. has realized for importance the company in the pharmaceutical sector, a packaging and palletizing line to insert a thin line. The line is composed of a caretaker with the peculiarity of having only 2 axes, longitudinal and vertical, creating a compact and low cost machine to meet the needs of the customer. It is supplied with a data matrix, it is transported in a picking area and pushed inside the boxes that have been formed through a sripper. After inserting a CD with a dispenser, the box is supplied and conveyed to the labeling area. Here a new data is applied: a data matrix and the presence of both words with a camera.

If the boxes are compliant, they are palletised with an automatic palletizer equipped with empty pallets. The last phase of the line involves the wrapping of the pallet and the application of an RFID label.

This is how the system for managing the conformity of the product and its traceability has been conceived and implemented, thanks to an advanced technology able to relate all the parts of the system.