Innovative line of concertine


LANCIA S.R.L. has created for a major company in the field of tapes, a packaging and palletizing line to be inserted at the end of the line.

The line consists of a handling where the preparation of the concertine takes place through a strategic and innovative system to meet the particular needs of the customer.
The concertinas arrive transversely to the belt arranged on a row and are transported on an uphill belt which conveys them in an automatic sorting system. In particular, it is a single tape that moves on 3 possible steps, it manages to quickly sort out the concertine, which in this way are arranged on two rows and longitudinal to the tape that will take them to the packaging area. The third step of the tape instead causes the defective concertina to fall into a trapdoor, also allowing management of the gap and optimizing the time accordingly.

The concertinas arrive at the casepacker where first they are verticalized with an automatic system in such a way that they can be taken from the caliper and inserted inside the box.

Once sealed with adhesive tape, the boxes are labeled and then continue towards the palletizer which is a particular machine as it is characterized by a “flag” arm so as to solve in the best way possible problems of height space. The palletizer is made up of two rows, one used to load the empty pallet stack and one for the creation of the pallet and the subsequent exit.

With this line we want to create a system that with simple clever devices can meet the technical and economic needs of the customer who buys a cutting-edge and innovative product.